Ambulance 506

Description :
2010 Ford E450 Super Duty, body by Lifeline Emergency Vehicles – Seats 3-4
Primary Purpose :
Ambulance, BLS Emergency Medical Services, Fire Support/Rehabilitation.
  • WIFI Access via “Mi-Fi” Wireless Hotspot for access to department pre-plans
  • Toughbook CF-19 Touch-Screen Laptop for mobile charting with EMS Charts
  • Full complement of medical supplies including oxygen, backboards, splints, collars
  • Semi-automatic external defibrilator, digital BP cuff
  • Stryker Power Pro Stretcher, stair chair
  • Stryker Power-Lift unit
  • (2) SCOTT 4.5 SCBA Unit, and (2) spare bottle
  • SCOTT Scout multi-gas meter
  • Specialized infant/pediatric 1st response trauma/medical kit
  • LUCAS 2 automated CPR device compatible with LifePack AED
  • Incident Command / Multi-Casualty Incident kit