Rescue 106

2013 Custom Rescue by Rescue 1 – Seats 6
Primary Purpose:
Rescue operations, hazardous materials response, command post, emergency scene power & lighting, mobile breathing air and primary fire support and a backup unit for medical calls.
  • Rescue 1 built and customized, full cab complimented by new NFPA standard response equipment
  • Hurst hydraulic tools with 3 hydraulic lines, multiple attachments, various cutters, spreaders and combination tools
  • 4 Water rescue suits, included with ice picks
  • Incident command post set-up, command bag with various tools and canopy to the passenger side
  • Sump pump, various hose attachments for pumping
  • Rescue Jacks and Winch, used in vehicular stabilization and extrication
  • (6) SCOTT 4.5 SCBA Units, and (12) spare bottles
  • Panasonic Toughbook CF-19
  • A compliment of various NFPA 1901 equipment


Just Added – WIFI Access via “Mi-Fi” Wireless Hotspot for access to department pre-plans on Toughbook CF-19 Touch-Screen Laptop